"SR THERMOGAS",Subotica, is a design, engineering and supervision office, in the HVAC and gas installations fields, established in 2003. Today the company employs nine workers, mostly mechanical engineers and masters of science in mechanical engineering. Our team of experts prepares all types of project documentation:

  • conceptual designs
  • projects for building permit
  • projects for execution of works
  • implemented building projects

Our experienced team is capable of designing the most complex installations in the following areas:

  • comfortable installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • installation of renewable energy sources (heat pumps, solar collectors, ....)
  • special installation of air conditioning,
  • industrial refrigeration installations (food industry, ...)
  • installation of natural gas and LPG,
  • compressed air installations,
  • installation of technical gases,
  • installation of steam generation,
  • installation of flammable liquids (filling stations, storage, ...)
  • technological installation for production processes

We design, engineer, consult and supervise works for all types of facilities:

  • industrial,
  • agricultural,
  • commercial,
  • sports establishments,
  • public,
  • residential complexes,
  • individual living units.
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