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Our company is an engineering office dealing with building engineering and design. In addition to designing a wide range of HVAC systems, our activity also covers the field of licensing, technical consulting and supervision. We have significant Serbian (and multinational) references from all areas of building engineering, from family houses to the largest investments. During our work we focus on fast, flexible and quality work. The activities of the company have been operating succesfully since the beginning, and the scope of our clients are constantly expanding, as well as the number of designers working in our team.



Company: SR "Thermogas" - Subotica
Address: Dimitrija Tucovića 7
Town: 24000 Subotica
Country: Srbija
Phone/fax: +381 24 671205
                     +381 24 671206
E-mail: office@thermogas.co.rs
Director: Alacker Attila

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